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“Our work in Palestine and Israel has been clear from the beginning. To work with each country separately until there is symmetry in the systems on both sides. Then both parties will come together naturally to decide what suits them best. That's the basic theoretical frame that we used in South Africa.”

—Don E. Beck


Wishlist for "Palestine 21" Nation-Building Movement in Palestine

Dr. Beck and Elza Maalouf intend to return to Palestine in May 2008 to fulfill the promise to train as many as 200,000 Palestinians as has been requested by our Palestinian partners from all over the Palestinian Territories.

For over 3 years, Dr. Beck and Ms. Maalouf have offered their services pro bono because of their unshaken faith in the Palestinian people’s ability to manage themselves.

Our successful programs in Palestine in February 2008 were made possible thanks to the generous donations from people like Mr. Ken Field ($50,000), Ms. Fadwa AL-Homaizi ($7,000), and Ms. Belinda Beck-Richardson ($5,000)

It was the philanthropic vision of John Smith, CEO Hearthstone Homes-Omaha and his generous donations that helped the CHE-Mideast lay the foundation for this ground-breaking work.

The upcoming event in May 2008 in Palestine needs your contribution and sponsorship, also to guarantee the sustainability for the ongoing efforts of our Palestinian partners. Please make your donation through PayPal using the "Donate Now" button, by check, or contact Mr. Dawlabani for much-needed major project sponsorship.

Thank you to our Feburary 2008 sponsors.

  • [Sponsor found! Purchase of this equipment was sponsored by Fadwa Homaizi] Our Partners in Palestine are launching CHE-Palestine.
    CHE-Palestine needs:
    • 1 Laptop US$ 700 – US$ 900
    • 1 LCD projector US$ 500 – US$ 700
  • [Sponsor found! This event was sponsored by Belinda Beck-Richardson] Help Sponsor an SDi Training: US$ 5,000.
    We need sponsors to cover costs for 40 Palestinian Women from different cities in the West Bank to attend this training on January 25-26, 2008, covering:
    • Transportation
    • Hotel Rooms for 2 nights + 3 meals/day
    • Conference room for 2 days

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