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"لذلك أقترح وأؤمن بشدة بما أقول وهو أن لمصلحة الإنسان في هذا العالم أن يبحث عن أهداف ومستويات أعلى وليست أدنى طيلة حياته بل أن الخير الأمثل لأي حكام وزعماء لهذا المجتمع هو أن يسعوا لترفيه ورفع مستوى شعوبهم إلى أعلى درجات السلم البشري للوجود والحياة"

كلير و. جريفز

MeshWORKS in Kuwait

A Cultural Vision: Introducing Integral Thinking, Design and Application to Kuwait

Twin Towers KuwaitOctober 2007 our CEO Elza Maalouf is offering a series of introductions to Spiral Dynamics Integral in Kuwait to various groups including:

  • Women's Group
  • Youth Group…
  • Businessmen
  • Alumni Association of Kuwait

The main objective of these introductions is to identify leaders and systemic thinkers in Kuwait, each in his/her own field, who can have a deeper grasp of the theory and work with our Integral committee on introducing this type of complex thinking to Kuwait.

Natural Design is Key: SDi informs organizations and cultures on how to integrate all the efforts to create better results. Instead of ad-hoc, fragmented efforts we can use the right methodologies to align and synergize the efforts and promote successful results.


Kuwait Integral Group (Yahoo! groups, to come)

Kuwait Integral Committee

The Kuwait Integral Committee is a group of Kuwaitis who believe in aligning, integrating, and synergizing multiple elements, entities and interests in the Kuwaiti culture to create dynamic and comprehensive solutions to the existing complex problems.